Fitting Center

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes without trying them on? You like the price and the style. The box says it's the size you want, and you always wear a 10. But then you get them home, loosen the laces, and slip your foot in only to discover that the only way you could wear these shoes is to lose your pinky toe, and your pinky toe is your favorite.

Proper fit matters. It affects comfort, performance, and confidence. Having your clubs properly fit is the same thing. It can be the difference between hitting a tight fairway or punching out from under a prickly pine tree. It can mean holding more greens from 145 yards out so that you're putting instead of chipping. And it can mean making those putts instead of missing them by inches.

Today's golf equipment is highly advanced, making the most of a variety of materials and engineered construction. This means that we have more options available to us than ever before, more opportunities for the equipment to help our game and make it more enjoyable. But this also means that it's more important than ever to make sure that the equipment we're using, spending our money on, and investing our time in (whether it's one night a week for your league or for the club championship), is tailored for our success.

In the Launch Kitchen, a Golf Digest Top 100 Fitting Center, our expert fitters and PGA Professionals offer everything you need to be properly fit (and you get to keep your pinky toe).